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Are you looking for a private Christian school that has your child's best interests at heart? If so, Embassy Academy is your ideal choice for Christian-based curriculum in Odessa, TX. Instead of being rushed to grasp complex subjects, your child gets to learn at their own pace. Once they're confident in their understanding, they're able to accelerate to the next level. We believe this individualized means of education is more effective and helps your child grow.

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What makes our Christian school an ideal option?

We've designed our Christian school in Odessa, TX to expose your child to Bible truths along with children of all ages and backgrounds. Our unique learning environment is based on the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) methodology for children K-12. This individualized curriculum is designed to give your child the freedom to learn independently.

Here's what the learning environment looks like:

  • Each class has two teachers for every 35 students
  • We begin each day with an encouraging chapel
  • We use center-based care to encourage independent learning
  • Children of different grade levels share a classroom

We believe in the power of ACE. In fact, all students currently enrolled in our Christian school are at least one grade above their chronological level! This proves the validity of our learning environment.

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